Towing winch \/ anchor windlass (fore)<\/h1>

Rolls-Royce Oy Ab
1 \u0445 towing winch \/ anchor windlass (fore) ETWH 2700\/750\/AW32U3 \u0441 with one single-split rope drum, two chain lifters and two warping ends
2 \u0445 declutchable chain lifter for chain diameter 32 mm grade 3 with manual band brake. Duty on chain lifter 4.9 tons pull at 0-15 m\/min, brake holding load 38 tons.
1 \u0445 drum divided into operating and accumulation parts with a cutout in separation flange. Drum diameter 600 mm for 200 m diameter 60 mm LANKO\u00aeFORCE synthetic rope on eight layers.
Drum, 1st layer: speed 75 tons at 10 m\/min, 12 tons at 18 m\/min, band brake holding load 0-270 tons<\/p>","img":"https:\/\/transship-design.ua\/img\/structure\/tug36_5.jpg"}