Fire Fighting Systems AS<\/h1>

Consist of :
2 off fire-fighting pump type SFP 250x350 XPC
Type: Horizontal centrifugal
Capacity: 1350 m3\/h at approx. 110 mlc and 1600 rpm.
2 off remote operated water\/foam monitor FFS1200\/300. Long Barrel with remotely operated fog\/jet function.
2 off foam balanced pressure proportioning for 1-6% mix ratio or up to 5100 l\/min.of foam liquid solution.
2 off foam pumps 9 m3\/h at 150m head. Electric motor approx. 5,5 kW (for 300m3\/h water with 3% foam mix ratio = 9m3\/h) <\/p>","img":"https:\/\/transship-design.ua\/img\/structure\/fifi.jpg"}