Kors\u00f8r Propeller A\/S<\/h1>

CP-Propeller system consisting of:<\/p>

Propeller hub and blades made from Ni-AlBz, propeller hub monoblock type, bolt-on type blades and oil lubricated, propeller shaft with forged flange end in steel 52-3N,
hollow bored, push-pull rod in mild steel, oil lubricated stern tube in steel.
Propeller type: CP23-RO
Installation: Ducted propeller for nozzle
Propeller diameter: 1980 mm
Number of blades: 4
Propeller shaft length: 6500 mm
Shaft diameter: 232 mm
Stern tube length: 3500 mm<\/p>","img":"https:\/\/transship-design.ua\/img\/structure\/nasadka.jpg"}