Towing winch (AFT)<\/h1>

Type: TW 1000\/1DO H with one drum.
Dimensions: Barrel dia. 600 mm, Flange dia. 1490 mm
Length 810 mm
Wire capacity: 600 m dia 40 mm steel wire on eleven layers
Brake actuator: spring compressed, hydraulically released brake cylinder.
Claw clutch: operated by hydraulic cylinder
Duty on drum 1st layer (PCD 640 mm): speed 1-ton at 0-30 m\/min
Brake holding load 100 t
Drive: Closed gearbox with oil bath\/splash lubrication. Gears induction hardened. One fixed displacement (low speed, high torque) high pressure hydraulic motor. Hydraulic control valves fitted on winch.<\/p>","img":"https:\/\/transship-design.ua\/img\/structure\/lebedka-corma20130814165901.jpg"}