Anchor and mooring windlass (double drum)<\/h1>

ATEX-ZONE 2 Anchorage (one sprocket) Nominal pull: 35 KN
Max. Pull at chain gear, 2 minutes: 53 KN (without speed limitation)
Speed at nominal pull: 12m\/min
Speed slow: 6 m\/min
Chain: 26 mm grade 2
Warping drum.
2 pieces: 44 KN.
Mooring drum 1st layer
Pull: 40 KN
Hoisting speed at I00% pull: 16 m\/min
Slow speed: 8 m\/min
Drum belt brake keeping force: 150 KN
Rope capacity: 150 m of rope \u00d8 36 mm on storage part + 6 m on working part
Description anchor windlass Two chain lifters made of cast steel, due for chain 26 mm (grade 2), strength. The chain lifter has its own clutch amd brake (both manually operated). Two gypsies directly couplet to main chaft.
Description mooring drum
Two drums with capacity of 150 + 6 m of rope \u00d8 36 mm. each one. The brake and clutch is manual operated.
Prime mover is one electric motor + gearbox. The winch include automatic brake. Motor is 15 kW, S2-30 min, 380\/660 V, 50hz, IP-67, ATEX ZONE 2.<\/p>","img":"https:\/\/transship-design.ua\/img\/structure\/branshpil.jpg"}